クリエイティブ・イタリアンとワイン | 今を楽しむ空間 S'ACCAPAU



    Creative Italian Cuisine + Wine (focusing on Naturally Crafted Wines)
    A space for enjoying the here and now: s’accapau
    We treasure the cuisines and the cultural backgrounds of Japan and Italy and take a global perspective on the food cultures of the world.
    Originating in Italian cuisine, our Tasting Menu presents richly creative dishes crafted from a range of techniques by a masterful chef whose skills were acquired through overseas experience and whose creations are accompanied by wines carefully selected by connoisseurs.
    In addition to the restaurant, we offer a sophisticated day lounge, Supper & Bar Time, for diners.

    Delicious-Links Inc.
    Food creator

    Taku Tabuchi

    After culinary training in Italy, Taku opened a restaurant in Hamburg, Germany. After launching two food establishments where Taku served as the chef, Taku returned to Japan for my next challenge. Moving back to Japan for the next stage of his career—Taku’s hometown is Tokyo—after an absence of 15 years, Taku became involved in the launch of s’accapau as a way to express the ideas Taku cultivated during my time overseas.
    While reflecting global food cultures and techniques into the latest projects of Delicious-Links Inc., as a creative chef, Taku is responsible for recreating diverse cultures.

    Professional History

    As a chef, Taku studied basic Italian cuisine for five years in Osaka, Japan. At the age of 23, Taku went to Italy to train in restaurants around the country for six years. At the age of 30, through a joint investment, Taku opened the Italian restaurant, I Vigneri, in the German city of Hamburg, and served as the restaurant’s chef. Three years later, with the same business partner and again in Hamburg, Taku opened Caffe I Vigneri selling food (produce) from all over Italy.
    In 2016, Taku moved back to Tokyo—the place where he can express the global perspective that he cultivated through his travels around the world. By treasuring culture, Taku can present creative dishes based on Italian cuisine with the theme “Food to experience the here and now regardless of preconceived ideas.”





    nishiazabu 1124 build. B1F 1-12-4 nishi azabu minato-ku tokyo 106-0031, japan
    Open Hour
    18:00 〜 23:00
    RESTAURANT TIME 18:00 〜 23:00(L.O.21:00)
    SUPPER & BAR TIME 18:00 〜 23:00(L.O.22:00)